New Android Auto functions


Google announced that the new Android 11 system comes with new functions for Android Auto, which is designed to integrate smartphones with cars.
The American company explained that the new Android 11 system now allows all phones to access the Android Auto system wirelessly, after the wireless connection feature was limited to Google Pixel phones and some models of Samsung phones, and all other smart phones were connected via the USB port in order to use the system Android Auto.It is expected to start launching the Google Android 11 system this September, but the car must also be compatible with a wireless connection option such as a smartphone.

Android Auto provides many new functions, including:

New applications
Google has opened the automotive operating system to many other companies; It can take advantage of navigation applications from other companies such as TomTom, Sygic and MapFactor, as well as the possibility of integrating parking applications for parking and charging of electric cars.

Improved voice assistant
From now on, the voice assistant displays the recognized voice commands on the screen, so that the user can know whether the “Ok Google” voice command has been correctly understood, or whether it requires repeating / correcting the voice command.

The application is no longer needed

There is no need to use the Android Auto app since the release of Google Android 10; Where the user can establish the communication process between the car and the smartphone without having to install the application first, however the user must download the application if he is using Android Auto directly on the smartphone.


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