“Netflix” and the accusation of child sexual exploitation … billions in losses



Al Ain News
Amid accusations of child sexual exploitation, thousands launched a campaign on social media to boycott Netflix, and it seems that it has borne fruit, as the “CHANGE ORG” Foundation, through which the campaigns to boycott the platform to cancel subscriptions was launched, revealed that the losses of marketing value reached nearly 9 Billions of dollars, as of last weekend.

The boycott campaign was sparked by the inclusion of the French movie “Minion” on the platform, and advocates of the boycott considered that this feature film sexualizes the children who play the lead roles in it, to join the first wave of criticism last August that prompted Netflix to withdraw an advertisement for a movie titled “Qutiz” in English and began showing in French theaters in mid-August, and “Netflix” apologized at the time for using this “inappropriate” advertisement, according to its description.

The controversial French film, written by French-Senegalese author and director of Senegalese origin, Maymouna Doukoure, was pursued by accusations of sexual exploitation of children, and was confronted by the National Center for Child Sexual Exploitation in the United States of America, and was attacked by members of Congress, and its events revolve around the 11-year-old Senegalese Muslim girl, Amy, who lives With her mother, Maryam, in a poor neighborhood in France, she shows a rebellion against the traditions and religious values ​​she was brought up with. Amy arrives in her refusal to join a teenage troupe that performs pornographic songs, and its members wear pornographic clothes, according to a report by the Masrawy website.

A spokeswoman for “Netflix” commented in a statement to “Agence France Presse” that “Minion” is a social film “against the sexualization of children,” and explained that the film “deals with the pressures that society as a whole and social networks pose on young girls,” and concluded: “We call All those who consider themselves concerned with the issues raised by this film should see it. ”


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