Napoli and AC Milan’s strong start continues


Napole’s victory came with a half-dozen goals, while Milan won 2-0 on Sunday in the second phase of the Italian Football League.

In the first match, Napoli scored through Mexican international Herving Lozano in the tenth minute when he received a ball on a gold plate from Belgian international Dries Mertens, who shot it from close range into the goal.

Napoli waited for the second half to secure their victory, as Polish international Piotr Zelensky strengthened his lead, taking advantage of Nigerian Viktor Osimhein (46), before Mertens added the third goal in the 57th minute with a powerful shot from inside the area following a pass from Zelensky.

Lozano scored his second and fourth personal goal in the 65th minute after receiving a ball inside the area from Martens behind the defense, and he shot it with his right to the left of the goalkeeper. The other substitute, Matteo Politano, ends the festival with a wonderful individual effort, ending with a powerful shot in the far right corner of the goalkeeper (72).

In the second, Milan snatched a penalty kick in the last minute of the first half after blocking the Croatian international Ante Rebic in the region, and the Ivorian international, Frank Kissier, successfully added, before the Spanish-Moroccan Ibrahim Diaz, loaned from Real Madrid, added the second goal in the 50th minute, taking advantage of a wrong ball A defender Croton followed her with his right from close range into the goal.


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