Nadine, the sister of Nancy Ajram, catches the eye again


Drew Nadine Ajram Sister of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram Seeing her again by sharing old photos through her account in “Instagram”.

The photos that Nadine shared were admired by many social media pioneers who began to liken her to her sister Nancy Ajram, especially in terms of the color of the eyes.

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Nadine is married to a Lebanese businessman called Firas, and he owns several social companies in Lebanon and abroad. She was famous for her distance from the artistic field, and her focus in writing thoughts and novels, which she published in a number of Lebanese and Arab magazines.

The last thing Nadine wrote was an article entitled “Beware of Fear” and another entitled “Frightened”.

It is very little that we see pictures of Nadine and Nancy in social media, despite their strong relationship and their closeness to each other, but it seems that they prefer not to share their lives together on social media.


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