Nadib Nassib Njeim: “After us we look at the truth”


More than a month after the Beirut Port explosion, Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Najim tweeted.

She said, “We have not and will not forget the port of Beirut, a month cut in a blink of an eye, and we looked after the truth after us, waiting for those responsible for our destruction to be held accountable.”

It is noteworthy that Njeim was damaged in the explosion, as her new house was completely destroyed, and she also performed a number of surgeries on her face.

It is noteworthy that Njeim miraculously survived after revealing in a video that she posted on her account via “Instagram” that she photographed herself at the moment of the second explosion in the port of Beirut, where she was filming the first explosion and seconds after the second explosion. She was seriously injured after the glass was broken and scattered on her, and she was injured. Several in her face and body.

Njeim announced her decision to leave Lebanon, noting that “from this moment inside the hospital I made a decision: I will leave the country and live in safety in another country that respects its people the best of what has gone wrong in a country whose rulers are thugs and death.”

She described the incident on the ground as more horrific than one could imagine, adding that she was forced to go down the stairs of her 22-storey house, barefoot and soaked in blood.

She also said that blood and destruction were everywhere around her, and she went to the nearest hospital, but she did not receive treatment in it because it was full of victims, so she moved to another hospital and underwent surgery for 6 hours, and the actress described the accident as a nuclear bomb.

Tweeters interacted with Nadine Njeim’s tweet that she has the right to leave the country and go to another safer country, due to poor living in Lebanon and the negligence of officials that was evident with the explosion of the port, while others denounced her decision, considering it a lack of adherence to the homeland and no responsibility to stand with it in difficult circumstances.


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