Nader Shawky absolves Ikrami of moving Ramadan Sobhy to Pyramids and affirms: “I will not work with him.”


Nader Shawky, the former agent of Ramadan Sobhy, confirmed that he was the first person to inform Sherif Ekrami, the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper, of the Pyramids’ offer to join Ramadan Sobhy, the English Huddersfield playmaker. Shawky said in statements on Ontime Sports Channel, “The details of the relationship between me and Ramadan Sobhy is a special matter that no one has the right to ask about, and I will not talk about it. We canceled the agency contract due to the difference in orientation, and his transfer to Pyramids does not need a business agent. I was his agent before that to try to find an offer. Professional, but now he decided to stay in Egypt.

Shawky added, “Some people said that I wanted to keep him in Al-Ahly in good health, but this did not happen, and the termination of the contract does not mean that I go out talking about it badly. What I know well is that I was one of the first people who spoke to Sherif Ikrami and told him about the matter of Ramadan moving to Pyramids, and his response.” He confirmed that he was surprised that he did not know anything about the matter, and I do not know what happened behind the scenes. “

Nader Shawky concluded his remarks by saying, “My relationship with Ahmed Fathy is normal, there is nothing to talk about, and the dissolution of the agency is a natural matter such as ending the player’s relationship with his club, and I do not think that I or Ramadan and Fathi will work with each other again, and the desire is present on both sides not to work with each other again.” I don’t like being in a place and not having a role.

In a related context, at 6 pm today, Monday, the Pyramids Club will hold a press conference in the hall of the air defense stadium, to announce the completion of the contract with Ramadan Sobhi, the English wing of Huddersfield, for a period of 5 years to come, and it is scheduled that the press conference will be attended by a number of officials of the heavenly club on They were headed by Mamdouh Eid, Executive Director, and Amr Bassiouni, Contracting Director.

Ramadan Sobhi passed the medical examination he underwent yesterday, Sunday, in a private hospital, before Pyramids announced the formal completion of the deal, after the management succeeded in contracting with the player and reached an agreement with the English Huddersfield Club, especially since Ramadan preferred to join the ranks of the heavenly team, Rejecting Al-Ahly club’s offer.

Also, Ramadan Sobhi will appear in the press conference in “New Look” after the player gave up the “braid” story in which he appeared with Al-Ahly after the return of group training after a long hiatus due to the pandemic of the Corona virus..

Thank you Ramadan Sobhi He changed his haircut and gave up the “braid”, and the player filmed the advertisement “Promo” in the Pyramids shirt last Wednesday after he cut the braid, and he is expected to appear with a new haircut during the press conference tomorrow.

Al-Ofiji participated with Al-Ahly in 79 league matches, scored 17 goals, and made 13 for his teammates. At the African level, the player participated in 17 matches in the African championships, scored two goals, scored 3, and participated in 3 matches of the local Super Cup, and In the cup, he participated in 8 matches, and scored 3 goals.


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