Myriam Atallah: I feel so disgusted by the “busa” … and that is why I did not get married (video)


The Syrian actress, Myriam Atallah, was able to succeed in her own artistic path since she was distinguished by the “Super Star” program, after which she participated in many dramas as an actress, while preserving her main talent, which is singing.
The Syrian star said that her latest song “Every Hour and Day” attracted her in terms of beautiful words, and added that this color is not strange to her, specifically and that she sings in all colors.
She expressed her great happiness because the song won the admiration of the Arab audience, its friends and many of its followers of different nationalities.
Myriam Atallah added that the song is her second collaboration with the Lebanese director Rendali Kodeih, after the song “Aman”.

She said: “I am comfortable with Rendley because she knows exactly what she wants, and the result that she gives me in a few hours of filming, other directors need days to achieve, and I had no objection to presenting the role of the dancer with the clip because I love it and consider it a very beautiful language of art.”
She also talked about the dramas that I worked with as an actress, and she said: “The language of art is diverse.

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