Myriam Atallah confirms that she feels disgusted with her


Damascus – Morocco today

Attacked Syrian artist Myriam Atallah The boldness raised in Syrian dramaAnd she said that she will not present the intimate kiss in any drama because she feels disgusted. Myriam Atallah was able to achieve a name for her and search for her own artistic path since her distinction in the “Super Star” program, to then participate in dramas as an actress, while seeking to retain her basic talent She is singing.

The Syrian artist said that her last song “Every Hour and Day” attracted her in terms of beautiful words, noting that this color is not strange to her, especially as she sings all colors, and expressed her happiness because the song won the admiration of the Arab public, her friends and followers of different nationalities other than Arab.

Atallah added that this song constitutes her second collaboration with the Lebanese director Rendali Kodeih after the song “Aman”, stressing that the continuation of the cooperation is directly caused by the beautiful image presented by Rendley and her beautiful spirit at work. She said: “I am comfortable with Rendley because she knows exactly what she wants. And the result that you give me in a few hours of filming, other directors need days to achieve, and I had no objection to presenting the role of the dancer in the clip because I love it and consider it a very beautiful language of art.

She explained that the oriental society views dance as nakedness, but it is very important, considering it a language like the language of voice and poetry, expressing her love for him because he talks about her with her joy and sadness. The ways in which she presented her talent, between acting and singing, and she said: “The language of art is varied. I like to present more than the language of acting and singing is an integral part. Acting speaks about the state of other than humanity. As for singing, I speak about the female in me.” As for the audacity presented in The Syrian drama, and about the extent of its presentation of scenes that include an intimate kiss, said that it will not present the intimate kiss in any drama because it feels disgust, and about plastic surgery, especially after she stated that she resorted to some details, and stated that she stands with operations aimed at improving some problems in the face While preserving the real features of any human being.

Atallah said that she had not made a decision to postpone the issue of marriage, or to sacrifice her family life at the expense of art, but until now she did not feel the necessity of marriage, indicating that it is a share she believes in, and she is certain that she does not bear personal reasons that keep her from marriage

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