Mourinho is waiting for a nominal victory in the Cup due to the Corona virus


Tottenham is waiting for a virtual victory in the third round of the English League Cup over Leyton Orient.

English press reports revealed today that the Leyton Orient Club has exposed many of its members to infection with the Corona virus, without revealing the exact number.

This comes hours before he faces his counterpart Tottenham Tuesday evening in the third round of the English League Cup, which threatens the match.

This came in an official statement issued by the club, in which it confirmed that the team immediately isolated the elements that were confirmed to be infected with the virus, according to the procedures followed.

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“The Clubs Association and Tottenham have informed us of the situation,” the club wrote in its statement.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the expected decision is to cancel the match and give Tottenham, led by Jose Mourinho, a nominal victory over his counterpart Orient.

And the Club Association regulations stipulate that a club that fails to adhere to its ability to play any match due to the Corona virus is considered automatically withdrawn.

It is worth noting that the lower-tier clubs in England do not carry out periodic checks before matches, as is the case in the English Premier League today.


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