Model “Raneen Saad” opens her box of secrets to the observatory … reveals her role model and future ambition.


Al Marsad Newspaper – Hatem bin Qais : The Saudi model, “Raneen Saad”, revealed her future ambition in the field, stressing that she is seeking to obtain a distinctive “brand” that bears her name.

“Raneen” said in her interview to the newspaper, “The observatory“She found support and encouragement from her family to continue in the field, especially her father before his death as well as her mother.

The model spoke about many important points in her career and the character that she takes as an example in the field and the difficulties she faced in her career.

Raneen Saad, when did you start in the fashion world?

My start was in 2017

Why did you choose the fashion field specifically?

حبيبي للأناقة

Did you find support from the family?

Yes, my father, may God have mercy on him and my mother

What are the difficulties you are currently facing?

Lack of credibility and attack from some followers

Will we see you in other fields such as representation and media?


Is your goal to enter the fashion field only a hobby, or is it a business and private business?

Hobby as well as a business.

– A Saudi model likes her, who is she?

Khawla Al-Anzi

Is the field of fashion and fashion an emerging and profitable field in Saudi Arabia?


What is your next ambition?

Brand International in my name.

A final word to give to a newspaper The observatory؟

I hope to see a global brand with my name distinguishing with my name and the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and I thank a newspaper The observatory On this dialogue.


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