Messi’s “devastating message” dominates Spanish newspapers


“He will stay,” the Spanish newspapers published today, Saturday, were delighted that the Argentine star, # Lionel_Mesi, remained with # Barcelona, ​​after a severe crisis for ten days with his club, but they stressed a “devastating” message he sent to his management and his boss.

The headline “Marca”, the best-selling in Spain: “Messi stays, the crisis is over”, along with a large picture of the face of the best player in the world 6 times.

The sports newspaper declared: “The Argentine remained against his will. In Barcelona’s biggest crisis.”

A crisis stole sports attention in the world, after the talented star announced last August 25 his intention to cancel his contract and leave his team.

In the same tone, the Catalan “Mundo Deportivo” headlined: “Messi breaks the silence and announces the continuation of the campaign with Blaugrana next season.”

The newspaper displayed a sentence the 33-year-old said in his interview with the “Goal” website: “I will stay and do everything in my power.”

However, Mundo Deportivo stressed the “destructive message” of the Barcelona captain towards the management of his club, so its manager, Santi Nola, wrote: “Messi said he would stay and do everything in his power. This is what Barcelona fans should remember, but there was a devastating message. He pointed his arrows directly at ( Club president Josep Maria (Bartomeu).

“Sport” used the phrase “C Keda” (he will remain), which Barcelona defender Gerard Pique said about his Brazilian colleague Neymar before his move to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, in a situation similar to what happened with Messi.

A picture of Messi was shown in the team’s shirt for the 2020-2021 season, and a set of strong sentences Messi said on Friday evening.

On the front of the newspaper “As”, wrote “Mi Kido” (I will stay), adding a sentence to Messi: “I never enter a legal dispute with the club of my life.”

Messi did not attend exercises on Saturday morning in the “Joan Gamper” sports city, according to an “AFP” correspondent present at the scene.

Messi has to take a coronavirus test, which he missed on August 30, to be able to return to the exercises he missed since 11 last month.

According to local newspapers, Messi will be able to play a friendly match against Nastic Tarragona on the 12th of this month, behind closed doors at Johan Cruyff Stadium, next to Barcelona’s training center.

Fictional penalty clause

“Al-Barghout” accused the club president of not keeping his word about allowing him to leave the club for free at the end of last season.

Barcelona praised his player’s decision to stay by posting a picture of him on his Instagram account and appending it to a comment from his speech, “I will do my best. My love for Barca will never change.”

The past days have witnessed several quarrels between the two parties over Messi’s desire to separate from his team, the value of the penalty clause, and whether this clause was activated or not valid.

Barcelona demanded that its player pay the penalty clause, which set it at 700 million euros, an imaginary number that no club in the world can pay at the moment.

The wily striker said, “We were sure that I was free. The president always said that at the end of the season I can decide whether I want to stay or not, and now they are clinging to the question that I did not inform them of that before the tenth of June, and when it turns out that on this date we were playing In the league in the middle of this dirty virus (Corona) and this epidemic that changed all dates. ”

Messi stressed: “This is the reason for my continuing with the club, because the president told me that the only way to leave is to pay the penalty clause.”

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