Mercedes unveils its electric car model inspired by the “Avatar”


The German company “Mercedes-Benz” unveiled the model of its luxurious electric car, which it called “Vision AVTR”, which was designed from the inspiration of the science fiction series “Avatar”, according to “Erm News”.

“KElectrek” said: “Mercedes had unveiled this concept earlier this year, but we did not give it attention. Because it seemed so insane that it could not be reached in the production stage, and that is still the case, but the company has now revealed real footage of driving its electric car and it is very wonderful to share it with you.

The site explained, that the idea behind “Vision AVTR” is inspired by the global “Avatar” movie, and the electric car is controlled through a sensor that emits impulses, in the central control panel, and it is clear that it is not a legal thing on the road today, but Mercedes Benz is trying to imagine Future technologies.

The company said about the concept: “Instead of the traditional steering wheel, the multifunctional control element in the center console allows for human-machine integration. By placing the hand on the control unit, the internal equipment returns to life, and the vehicle identifies the driver through his heartbeat or breathing.” For the first time, the “VISION AVTR” concept uses a revolutionary battery technology based on “graphene” based on organic cells.

Mercedes emphasized that the battery materials are compostable, and therefore fully recyclable. In this way, electric mobility becomes independent of fossil resources. As a result, Mercedes stresses the great importance of the future circular economy in the raw materials sector.


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