Menna Hussein Fahmy in the last appearance with her father in the North Coast .. Photos


Menna Hussein Fahmy, the artist’s daughter, participated Hussein Fahmy, Through her Instagram account, a picture with her father while she was on vacation in the North Coast.

Menna Hussein Fahmy appeared in a picture with her father, and the other with her friends, and commented, “A blue girl in a blue world.”

Menna Hussein Fahmy with her father (2)

It is noteworthy that the artist Hussein Fahmy previously revealed to “The Seventh Day” the reason for his absence from cinema for two years, saying: “He was shown a lot of cinematic works during the past period, but I did not find the good role that suits me, especially as I am proud of the role that resonates and influences me.” the society“.

He continued: “In the movie Mafia, when I was offered one scene, I agreed because I liked it very much in terms of writing.” And Hussein added, “The Egyptian cinema is lacking in a large scale exposure abroad, and we lack the good idea that we can put into a scenario to get out of it with a legendary work that will produce it.” For viewers in the West, they will be affected by it just as we are affected by their work and imitate it, and if this is found and the work is not quoted and imitated, we will sit down and win international awards“.

It is noteworthy that Hussein Fahmy’s latest work is the movie “Al-Kwissen”, starring Ahmed Fahmy, Sherine Reda, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Fathy, Tara Emad, Asma Abu Al-Yazid, Amr Wahba, and Gilan Alaa, Makawy written by Ayman Wattar and produced by “Synergy Films”. And directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.


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