Mazepin wins Mugello and Schumacher leads with one race remaining


Driver Nikita Mazepin scored an impressive victory in the Mugello main race from the final round of the 2020 season of Formula 2, to score his second victory this year, while the driver of Prima Schumacher led the championship with one race to the end.

Mazepin started from the 14th position and seemed to be on his way to scoring a few points, but he benefited from entering the safety car twice in the race, as the first entered on lap 26 as a result of an accident by driver Giuliano Alizi.

Mazepin gained the advantage, taking advantage of the chaos after the race had resumed for the first time, with an accident with Ferrari Academy driver Callum Eilot and drivers Jake Aitken and Joanieu Zou, who were damaged in their cars, to withdraw from the race after contact with Schumacher.

As the race resumed again, Mazepin advanced past race leader Christian Lundgaard and his HITEC team-mate Luca Giotto at the first corner, and the Russian then extended the lead from the lead to 4.4 seconds by crossing the finish line.

Giotto secured second place in the race, beating Charos driver Louis Deletraz, who was the second biggest beneficiary of the safety car after Mazepin.

Fourth place went to MB Motorsport driver Felipe Drogovic against Schumacher, who with this result led the drivers’ standings after Eilot withdrew.

Lundegaard led most of the race, but was stopped in the eighth lap due to the tires of the tires, to fall to sixth place in front of drivers Yury Phipps and Artem Markelov.

Yuki Tsunoda crossed the finish line in eighth place but was given a 5-second penalty for his accident with Red Bull Academy driver Daniel Tektum.

ART driver Marcus Armstrong took ninth place against Jihan Daruvala, completing the top ten.

Schumacher thus led with Ellott finishing 12th, while driver Robert Schwarzmann withdrew from the race due to a mechanical problem.


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