Mayada Al-Hinnawi breaks out of her silence and reveals the secret of her long absence and health


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Syrian actress Mayada Al-Hinnawi reassured her audience of her health, stressing that she is in very excellent condition.

“Before the Corona, I had a party in Mawazine in Morocco. It was one of the most beautiful parties, and I had a second party in Lebanon, and then in Tunisia, I was going through a really difficult circumstance,” El-Hennawi said in an audio message on the TeN program.

She added: “People thought that I was something or my balance was disturbed, and the truth is that I approached forward, set the microphone and returned Laura, and put the heel of the shoes on the dress and fell, and people thought that I was sick, but I thank God there was nothing between me and I had enough for the ceremony.”

She denied the rumors that she was going through a health problem, explaining that “people came up with rumors that I am tired and in the hospital and came back. I completed the party, and this is not true. The topic is going on with the whole world. Many singers went to the hospital. I thank God I did not have anything.”

She emphasized that the reason for its distance from the music scene is due to the spread of the Corona virus.


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