Magic and sorcery .. Tanta coach uses a “sheikh” and refuses to enter his team’s changing room due to strange things




The refusal of the technical director of Tanta, Reda Abdel Aal, to enter his team into the dressing room between the two halves of his match against Masr, sparked a great deal of controversy, as it is a strange case of its kind.

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Reda Abdel-Al led his team, Tanta, in his first match against Masr Club (0-0), in the meeting that brought them together yesterday, Saturday, in the 28th round of the Egyptian Football League.

Reda Abdel-Al surprised everyone by refusing to enter the Tanta team into the changing rooms of Tanta Stadium, confirming that he saw “strange things” inside the room, as confirmed by one of the “sheikhs” who accompanied him inside the stadium.

Reda Abdel-Al did not hide the reason for not going to the changing room between the two halves of the match, which caused a great deal of controversy, especially since the match was held at Tanta Stadium, confirming that the room had strange things, and the beginning was that the air conditioning inside it broke down, confirming that “the Sheikh told him that there were things Strange, and there may be acts of magic. “

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Tanta, who has become close to relegation due to its flawed results in the recent period, is preparing to face Zamalek in the match scheduled for next Tuesday, within the framework of the 29th round of the Premier League.

Source: “elbalad”


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