Maduro orders to study the possibility of using Russian protocols to treat Corona infection



The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has instructed to study the possibility of using Russian protocols to treat the disease caused by the coronavirus in his country.

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Maduro supports Putin's proposal to hold an international conference on anti-Corona vaccines

Maduro said: “Information has arrived that Russia has developed very effective methods in treating (coronavirus infection). I want you to analyze it with the experts, with the Russian ambassador and the authorities, and our ambassador to Russia and give me an answer as soon as possible.”

The Venezuelan president stated that his country is studying the possibility of “buying and adopting” Russian protocols to treat the Corona virus.

It also revealed that Venezuela has started the third phase of clinical trials for an anti-viral drug of its own production.

And the Venezuelan government announced the first two cases of Coronavirus in the country on March 13, and imposed a state of emergency on the same day, followed by a quarantine across the country.

Later, on August 10, the authorities began to gradually relax the restriction measures. In Venezuela, so far, more than 72,000 people have been infected, and more than 600 have died from complications of the coronavirus.

Source: TASS


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