Madawi Al-Rasheed: Our opposition party has secret contacts with Saudis at home


  • Nasreen Hatoum
  • BBC – Beirut

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The Saudi political system prohibits the establishment of political parties

In conjunction with the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the establishment of the National Rally Party, which opposes the rule of the House of Saud, was announced, “after the political horizon was blocked, the practice of violence and repression, the increase in political arrests and assassinations, the escalation of aggressive policies against the countries of the region, the practices of disappearance and forced displacement, and the absence of an independent judiciary role And the monopoly of power to the media and suppress public opinion, “says one of the party’s founders, Omar Al-Zahrani, who is a Canadian-based dissident.

The announcement was made through visual communication technology, due to the presence of the founding members in several countries around the world, while the list of signatories to the statement included well-known opposition figures such as Madawi Al-Rasheed, Ahmed Al-Mushaikhs, Saeed Al-Ghamdi, Yahya Asiri, Abdullah Al-Awda and Omar Al-Zahrani.

The founding statement was based on the recommendations of the Diaspora Conference that has been held for three years at the London Divan, a center that includes Saudi dissidents and activists, and the party’s curators have also established an account on Twitter that promotes its goals and principles.

In an interview with BBC News Arabic, Madawi Al-Rasheed, a founding member of the National Rally Party, said, “The party is a mirror of what the Saudi society cannot do in the Saudi interior.” Bearing in mind that “any contact with the outside world for political reasons is punishable by law in Saudi Arabia with imprisonment or execution.” She explained, “We cannot announce their names because that will cause them many problems.”


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