Macron’s “new” policy in the Middle East and the shift in the pattern of infection with the Coronavirus


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British newspapers discussed several topics of interest to the Arab reader, including the “new plan of the French president in the Middle East” and the change in the pattern of infection with the Coronavirus.

The Sunday Telegraph published a report by its correspondent in the French capital, Paris, Henri Samuel, discussing the new French plans in the Middle East.

Samuel says that French President Emmanuel Macron has started a round of high-level and remarkable visits to the Middle East, which drew attention to the fact that France is seeking to restore its influence in the region.

Samuel adds that Macron, during his second visit within a month to the Lebanese capital Beirut, frankly called on the ruling elite to carry out rapid reforms, face restrictions on financial aid, or worse, economic sanctions.

He notes that Macron went on a quick 3-hour visit to Iraq, calling on the government to strengthen the country’s sovereignty and independence in the face of Iranian and American interference.

The article pointed out that successive visits to the region prompted the French newspaper “Le Parisien” to formulate its main headline on the subject, saying that “Macron launches France’s policy in the Arab world.”

Samuel considers that “the United States is currently preoccupied with the elections file, and Britain is focusing its attention on ending the exit from the European Union, which allowed Macron the opportunity to present himself as the new European master in the region.”

Crisis developments Corona

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The Sunday Times published a report by a number of journalists entitled “A change in the pattern of infection with the Coronavirus.”

The report states that recent statistics issued by the British government show an increase in infections among young citizens under the age of forty, and a decline in the infection rate among the elderly.

The report indicates that only twenty percent of new infections occurred in people over the age of fifty, compared to an infection rate that exceeded about 75 percent of the injuries during the outbreak of infection in the spring period, while the rate of infections among people over eighty years of age decreased to 3 percent compared to About 28 percent during the spring.

The report adds that these statistics prompted an advisor to the British government to suggest following the Swedish model by lifting the precautionary measures completely and returning employees to work normally, but other experts explain what happens differently, as the decline in the infection rate can be explained by the increase in the number of examinations that the government conducts with any suspected case. In addition, they attribute the increase in the number of injuries among young men to their vow to go out and socialize more than others after easing the closure measures, which contributed to the increase in injuries among them.

The report says that Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to push for the return of employees to work in the offices, but faced strong opposition from the trade unions, which confirmed that forcing employees to return to their offices is an illegal and cannot be allowed.

Will Chelsea enter the competition?

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The Sunday Telegraph published an article by Sam Wallace, head of the sports section, entitled “Pressure is mounting on Lampard to reunite with Chelsea as a team.”

Wallace says that the management of the famous London team spent a lot of money on strengthening the ranks to allow them to compete for the Premier League title next season, but at the same time there are still many problems that coach Frank Lampard should solve as soon as possible. .

He adds that although the first two transfer periods in the era of Lampard passed without bringing in many players, the young people who promoted to the first team and played with him throughout the last season are expected to show their talents next season, and this is one of the most important factors that lead the team to compete for the title.

He points out that Lampard is facing a difficult problem, which is that he has not yet had enough time to train the team members together after he had previously announced that 9 of them had been infected with the Corona virus and had to isolate themselves, and that the player Thiago Silva, who was recruited as an experienced element in the heart of defense, did not enter into group training. So far, because it completes the isolation period.

Wallace adds that the player Hakim Ziyech suffered an injury during the friendly match of the team last Saturday against the Brighton team, which will lead to his exclusion from the first game in the English Premier League against Brighton, noting that the player Chilwell also still suffers from an injury and is recovering from it according to the treatment program and his participation The match itself is uncertain.


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