Macron rejected his request … a French broadcast his death by “direct”


A Frenchman, suffering from a rare and incurable condition, broadcasts his death on social media, refusing to eat, drink or medicine, after President Emmanuel Macron rejected his euthanasia request.Alan Cook, 57, who has been suffering from a degenerative disease for 34 years, said he will post his death on Facebook from Saturday morning.

Cook published a video clip containing his picture from his medical bed in his home in Dijon, eastern France, saying, “I finished my last meal, drinking in your health for the last time, the path to salvation begins, and believe me, I am happy.”

“I made my decision in peace,” he added.He had written to Macron requesting that he be given a sedative to allow him to die in peace, but Macron wrote to him explaining that “this is not permitted under French law.”

The countries bordering France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands have passed laws that allow death with medical assistance in some cases. France, under pressure from the Catholic Church, resisted the move.

“Because I am not above the law, I am not able to comply with your request,” Macron said in a message to Cook, which the Frenchman posted on his Facebook page.

Macron said, “Your wish is to seek help for death, which is not currently permitted in our country.”

The Claes-Lyonetti Act on End of Life, adopted in 2016, authorizes continuous, deep anesthesia until the patient dies, but only for people whose diagnosis is threatened in the short term.

Cook has called for “a change in French law to allow death with medical assistance in cases like his.”

It is fed by a drip and its digestive system is connected to the colostomy. His condition caused an aneurysm in the brain, and he said that he “suffers from convulsions if he does not take his medication, and he suffers from constant pain.”


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