Luis Suarez … the missing piece in the Simeone symphony


The Uruguayan striker’s journey has ended Luis Suarez With a team Barcelona After 6 years he spent there, scored and made many goals, in addition to achieving all the local and European titles, to start a new journey with the Atletico Madrid team under the coach’s leadership Diego Simeone Who might restore the “thug” inside the penalty area.

A solution to Simeone’s offensive problem?

Last season, coach Diego Simeone suffered from the problem of deciding in the last third, especially inside the penalty area. He bled a lot of points due to not winning due to not scoring enough goals, and he was the most tied club in the league championship, and also the reason for his inability to resolve The chances he gets in the matches as required.

Perhaps with the arrival of Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, the situation will improve offensively, and the percentage of Atletico scoring goals will increase from the chances it gets, especially since the offensive numbers of the “pestolero” with the “Catalan” club are good compared to most of the attackers of the “Atleti” team.

Simeone will be the missing piece that Simeone needs, because if he is employed in the center of the spearhead, Suarez will move in his usual way and be more decisive inside the box, and thus the percentage of goals increases for the “Madrid” team, which usually plays in a defensive way, and Suarez may help Simeone in the way His game (grab a goal, defend to the end, and the ability to decide).

Suarez numbers with Barcelona

Suárez played 283 matches for Barcelona, ​​scored 198 goals, scored 97 goals in all local, continental and international competitions, and won 13 titles (4 La Liga, 4 Spanish Cups, 2 Super Cups, 1 Super Cup, 1 World Cup and 1 Champions League).

As for his offensive numbers, the number of shots by Luis Suarez did not drop below 3 shots per match, which means that the Uruguayan is able to create opportunities in front of the goal and score goals for Atletico. In contrast, the percentage of goals expected for Suarez in one season is what distinguishes him from the rest of the forwards in the “LaLiga” competitions.

As the percentage of goals expected for Suarez during the six seasons he played in the “LaLiga” ranged from 14 goals in the 2014-2015 season, 35 goals in the 2015-2016 season, 24 goals in the 2018-2019 season and 13 goals in the 2019-2020 season. On the field, Suarez scored 16 goals in the first season, 40 goals in the second season, 29 goals in the third season, 25 goals in the fourth season, 21 goals in his fifth season, and ended his journey with the “Catalan” club with 16 goals.

All these offensive numbers will be a lethal weapon for Argentine coach Diego Simeone, who, with the departure of Alvaro Morata to Juventus, now has both Suarez and Diego Costa in the front, and the two players who will be the greatest danger to any team, especially because of their famous fierce dealing with the opponent.

School for the attackers

Atletico Madrid has always been a school for attackers, sometimes from names that have risen from their academy and sometimes by contracting with big names, as happened with Uruguayan Luis Suarez recently. The “Rojiblancos” team knew stars in attack that made the difference in the football stadiums in recent years.

In the past, there were Balthasar Junior, Hugo Sanchez, Luis Aragones, Christian Vieri and others. Starting in 2002, the “Madridist” team witnessed the emergence of top-class attackers. Perhaps the most prominent examples are Fernando Torres, who topped the list of scorers in the “Atlété” for five consecutive seasons (13, 19, 16, 13 and 15 goals in five consecutive seasons).

After Torres, Argentine Sergio Agüero, who scored 101 goals in 234 matches, was attended by Uruguayan Diego Forlan, who scored 96 goals in 196 games. Then, Colombian striker Radamel Falcao, who played 91 matches for two seasons, scored 70 goals.

Then came the fierce striker Diego Costa, who scored 73 goals with Atletico in six seasons so far, to come the era of French striker Antoine Griezmann between the years 2014 and 2019, who played 257 matches and scored 133 goals with the “Rojiblancos” shirt.

Spanish striker Alvaro Morata also participated in 16 goals for Atletico Madrid after playing one season before moving to the Italian team, Juventus, in the current summer transfer market. Luis Suarez joined the list of strikers, who wore the “Rojiblancos” shirt.

A weak point in defense

Despite all the striking striker Luis Suarez’s distinctive offensive numbers, his most prominent weakness is his contribution to the defensive side, a problem he has suffered from in Barcelona in recent years, and is one of the main reasons for his departure from the “Catalan” club.

Suarez has become in recent years very heavy on the field and cannot pressure the opponent’s defense to prevent the building of play from the back, which is a point that Diego Simeone must work on, especially since the Argentine coach wants the ten players to defend and attack over a period of 90 minutes.


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