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The American company, “Apple”, has recently released a new set of instructions for its store that allows for game-streaming services after it had previously banned them in the “App Store”; This allows “Microsoft” and “Google” to offer the services (xCloud) and (Stadia) for users of the iOS and iPadOS operating systems through the “Apple” store.

And “Apple” restricted this update with several conditions, represented by downloading the games offered in the service directly from the application store; This means that every game available in these services must be submitted to the App Store as a separate application.

Last Friday, Apple announced the amendment of its application store guidelines prior to the launch of (iO14), which is the latest version of the operating system for smart phones, “iPhone”.

Apple employees use these guidelines to approve or reject apps and updates on the App Store, and these rules have been subjected to intense scrutiny in recent weeks by app makers who argue that Apple imposes control over software launched to iPhones, and that the commission it deducts from app purchases is high.

The company (Epic Game), owner of the famous “Fortnite” game, fought a bitter legal battle with “Apple” over many of its guidelines, most notably its requirement to use in-app purchases for digital products; What made “Apple” remove the “Fortnite” game from its app store last month.

Many game-streaming service developers criticized the decision to ban their applications in the “App Store”, such as “Facebook”, which had to launch its service (Facebook games) Facebook Gaming in the App Store without any built-in games, and expressed its dissatisfaction with its inability to include any Toys.

And “Apple” wants companies, such as “Microsoft” and “Google”, to send their games individually as separate applications using its broadcast technology, as Microsoft has the freedom to find the index application that collects all these individual applications and links them together.

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“Microsoft” has announced its dissatisfaction with the amended “Apple” store rules, and a company official said in a statement: “This remains a bad experience for customers, as players want to go directly to a game from their curated list within one application just as they do with movies or Songs ”.

“Players do not want to have to download more than 100 apps to play single player games from the cloud, and we are committed to putting players at the center of everything we do, and providing a great experience is the essence of this mission,” he added.

And if Microsoft follows the amended Apple Store rules, this means that every game that is broadcast to an iPhone or iPad from (xCloud) is subject to the usual Apple App Store rules, including 30 percent of controversial in-app purchases.

“Apple” does not impose on “Netflix” or “Spotify” or (Disney Plus) to send each individual movie or TV show or album in a separate application, which is what made “Microsoft” intentionally highlight the point of broadcast movies or songs that do not encounter Same content restrictions as games.

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“Apple” deals with games differently in its application store, and the company gets large sums of money from in-app purchases related to games that are the largest part of the (App Store).

The video game company (Epic Games) moved a lot of stagnant water after it challenged Google and Apple by integrating its own payment system into its application in the App Store and Google Play, as the two companies considered that these The move violates the guidelines of their stores, and in light of that, they removed the game (Fortnite) from their stores.

And many analysts say that if Epic wins the lawsuit it brought against Google and Apple, they could be asked to allow developers to introduce mechanisms that allow users to make purchases within their apps without giving the two companies any commission.

If Epic loses, this may be a victory for Google and Apple and their app store policies, but at the same time it will shed more light on the effectiveness of the existing antitrust law.


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