Leeds United makes a decision on the inclusion of Rafinha from Barcelona


Leeds United decided to sign a team player BarcelonaRavinia, in the current summer transfer season.

The Spanish player was linked with the move to leave the Catalan club this summer.

Ravinia spent last season on loan at Celta Vigo.

Press reports stated, two days ago, that Leeds United had a desire to include Ravinia Alcantara in the current summer transfer period.

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According to the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, there are already talks between Leeds United and Barcelona officials about the possibility of resolving the Rafinha deal.

It reported that the Barcelona administration adhered to obtaining the value of the penalty clause in the Rafinha contract, which amounts to 17 million euros, to agree to its sale.

She indicated that Leeds United He rejected Barcelona’s demands, as the English club’s management confirmed that they had no money to settle the deal.

She explained that Barcelona tried to take advantage of the idea of ​​a transfer of Rodrigo Moreno, Ravenia’s cousin, to Leeds United, who recently left Valencia.

She stressed that this did not prevent Leeds United from rejecting Barcelona’s financial demands.


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