Lebanese artist raises criticism by kissing a goat … “A kiss in the time of Corona” (video)


A video of the actor, Wissam Hanna, was spread on social media sites, which caught the attention of a large number of followers. And the latter appeared in it carrying a white goat in one of the natural areas and then kissing it.

A kiss in the time of Corona # Morning

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It seems that this matter provoked many of the activists of the communication sites, as they criticized him, stressing that he did not have to do this at the time of the spread of the epidemic caused by the emerging corona virus. On the other hand, others defended it, believing that this falls within the framework of personal freedom and the principles of animal welfare.

Through the research, it was found that the actor published the clip a few days ago on his Instagram account and attached it to the comment: “A kiss in the time of Corona.”


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