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The company “Google” launched the latest version of its operating system for “Android 11” phones for all “Pixel” phones it produces, and other phones from other manufacturers, with more phones to be available in the coming months.

The new operating system focuses on finding easier ways in your smartphone to help you manage your conversations and connected devices, in addition to security and privacy features that help you protect your data.

Among the most prominent of these features provided by the new system:

1- Access all your connected smart devices in one place:

A long press of the screen button on the phone gives you smart home controls throughout the house such as smart bulbs, smart lock, thermostats, surveillance cameras, and more, with one click, so there is no need to open multiple applications.

2- Multimedia control:

Google has redesigned the media controls and included them in the quick settings bar at the top of the notification center, allowing you to play and pause or skip multimedia files, or open their application directly from the quick settings menu.

Quickly switch between connected devices that play audio or video content on, as you can switch from playing music in the smart speaker (Google Home) to playing it in wireless earphones, as well as in smart TV via the drop-down notifications menu.

3- Connecting wirelessly to the Android Auto platform:

It has become possible for all smartphones running Android 11 to connect wirelessly to the platform as long as the car is compatible.

Thus, you can connect your phone to the platform without the need for any cables, get directions with one click, send text messages, play your favorite media, as well as get help from the Google Assistant.

4- Screen recording feature:

Finally, Google introduced in Android 11 a built-in feature to record the screen with voice, and this is something that was not available in the Android system as a system-wide feature, as it was provided by some phone manufacturers as a built-in tool in their user interface.
You can now easily record and share what’s happening on your phone, and you can record audio from a microphone, device, or both without the need for an external app.

5- Chat bubbles in messaging apps

In Android 11, Google added a new feature called “Bubbles”. Chat bubbles make multitasking on your device easy.
And these bubbles make your conversations in messaging applications appear as bubbles on one side of the phone screen to move in and out of conversations without the need to open the application, allowing you to respond to important conversations without having to switch back and forth between your current task and the messaging application.


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