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A number of members of the Emirates Council for Gender Balance valued Decree by Federal Law No. 6 of 2020 amending some provisions of Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 regarding the regulation of labor relations, issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God preserve him And it provides for equal wages for women with men in the private sector.

They assured «statement» that the leadership’s directives have strengthened the march of empowerment and leadership of women, noting that the decree is in addition to the gains and achievements made by women in the UAE.

Shamsa Saleh, Secretary-General of the Emirates Council for Gender Balance and Executive Director of the Dubai Women’s Foundation, confirmed that the decree issued by His Highness the President of the State «may God protect him», which stipulates that women’s wages are equal to men in the private sector, and its entry into force, as of today, crowns National efforts to raise the rate of women’s participation in this sector, and to preserve the competencies of women working in it

She praised the continuous support provided by the wise leadership to women in all fields, which makes the Emirati experience in supporting women a model to be emulated regionally and internationally, noting that Emirati women have proven their worth in the labor market, and the jobs they have occupied in various fields over the past years, including: This is in the specialized and future fields, taking advantage of the educational opportunities that were provided to her inside and outside the country.


For his part, Abdullah Nasser Lootah, Director General of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, a member of the Emirates Council for Gender Balance, said: “The UAE affirms its position as a leader in the field of gender balance legislation and strategies in the region, through its constant endeavor to improve the legislation and laws that achieve The well-being and prosperity of the society in the UAE, and this amendment comes in the law regulating labor relations in the private sector, which was issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, to confirm the keenness of the wise leadership in the UAE, on the equality of women with men in the economic field Whether in the governmental or private sector, which would enhance the participation of women in the labor market in the private sector in the country.

He added: “The UAE ranked first in the world, according to the report of the International Institute for Administrative Development (IMD) for the year 2020, in the percentage of women’s representation in parliament, and the UAE also tops Arab countries and the region’s countries in the gender gap and balance report, and the equal wage index. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 issued by the World Economic Forum, as well as in the Gender Equality Report issued by the United Nations Development Program for the year 2019, many factors stand behind the country’s remarkable development in the issue of gender balance. Global competitiveness reports and indicators, perhaps the most notable of which is the establishment of the Emirates Council for Gender Balance in 2015, and the launch of relevant laws and initiatives, such as the law to increase the representation of Emirati women in the Federal National Council, to become 50%, and the Equal Wages and Salaries for Women Law for 2018, and the launch of The Gender Balance Index, to measure the efforts of national institutions in this field, in addition to the National Strategy for Empowerment and Entrepreneurship of Women 2015-2021 ”.


For her part, Hessa Dilat, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Affairs at the Ministry of Community Development, a member of the Emirates Council for Gender Balance, valued the decree, stressing that it contributes to enhancing the UAE’s global competitiveness and making it a model to be emulated in the field of gender balance, as well as enhancing the stability of the professional sector for women And it makes the private sector attractive to it, and increases its presence in it.

She said that the decision is a step that affirms the state’s position as a reference for legislation and gender balance strategies in the region, and strengthens the gains of Emirati women in terms of empowerment in all fields, and achieves economic stability for them and their family members through the diversity of opportunities available to women, which enhances their participation and presence in the labor market. And support for her family and members.

She added that the UAE today presents the world with a unique model for Emirati women who are able to shoulder their national responsibilities in all forums, and play their role alongside her brother, the man, wholeheartedly and ably, to raise the flag of the UAE loud and loud, which was evident in the issuance of this decree, which represents the fruit of a continuous march. Empowering women in all fields, and qualifying them to be a major partner in the overall development and development process in the UAE.

She indicated that the decree also contributes to enhancing the quality of life of individuals, earning and motivating women to work in the private sector, acquiring the skills necessary for the labor market, and providing a strong foundation for women to reach their potential as much as possible, and actually pave the way for them in this regard and what they possess Of enormous wealth and resources, with the aim of filling this gap in this sector.



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