Kuwaiti credit: 60 million dinars, the value of loans disbursed by the bank during the Corona pandemic


The Kuwaiti Credit Bank announced that the loans it disbursed according to the (online) system during the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic amounted to about 60 million Kuwaiti dinars (about 198 million US dollars).

The bank’s spokeswoman, Habbari Al-Khashti, said in a press statement today, Saturday, that the number of citizens benefiting from electronic services has increased since the beginning of the Corona pandemic last February.

She added that the bank was at the forefront of government institutions and agencies that began to shift completely towards providing services to customers electronically, noting that the bank benefited from the accumulation of human expertise obtained by its employees, and from training programs, in addition to its benefit from the technological infrastructure that was completed Over recent years, that made (credit) one of the pioneers in digital transformation among government agencies in Kuwait.

Al-Khashti indicated that the bank took the initiative more than 5 years ago to build a strong technological infrastructure to complete all transactions electronically through electronic messaging techniques, relying on a network to link with all relevant authorities and bodies, in cooperation with commercial banks. This is based on cooperation protocols, to ensure that all customer needs are responded to smoothly and without the need to personally visit any of the bank’s branches.


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