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A young man named Othman Al-Safi – he said that he is the brother-in-law of the victim Fatima Ali Al-Ajami, whose brother was killed inside Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital in Kuwait – through his Twitter account revealed the reason and the circumstances

A young man named Othman Al-Safi revealed – he said that he is the brother of the husband of the victim Fatima Ali Al-Ajami, who was killed by her brother inside Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital in Kuwait – Through his account on “Twitter” the cause and circumstances of the crime.

Al-Safi said through a series of tweets that “the reason for Fatima’s death is that his brother (Fatima’s husband) attended and married Fatima with the consent of her father, but her brothers did not accept this marriage, and they threatened their sister for two years and planned their crime, and when the first brother, Abdul Hadi, did not succeed In killing his sister, his second brother Nasser completed the mission, killing her with four bullets in the head in front of the medical staff.


Othman Al-Safi later returned and deleted his tweets, and said that he “deleted them after he had achieved his goal by making it a case of public opinion, so that the case was not eliminated, by revealing the reason for killing Fatima, in defense of her and her honor, and in order to achieve justice.”

In turn, lawyer Hisham Al-Mulla revealed through his account on “Twitter” that “Fatima’s husband was also threatened with death, demanding that he be protected in a better way than the victim.”

The murder of Fatima, which one of her brothers tried to kill her two days ago at her home in the Salwa area, and then her other brother prepared her in intensive care, sparked outrage in Kuwait, where activists interacted via the hashtag # Salwa crime and # Fatima_Ali_Ajami on the communication site “Twitter” with The crime, condemning the weak security measures, which did not prevent Fatima from being killed while in the intensive care room, amidst persistent calls for tougher penalties against crimes against women.

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