Kushner: The White House Reviews the “Oracle” and “TikTok” Deal



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White House Counselor Jared Kushner stated that the White House is reviewing an effort by “Oracle” to cooperate with “TikTok” to keep the application running in the United States.

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Kushner said in response to a question from “CNBC” whether the move towards “Oracle” instead of “Microsoft” due to the impact of US President Donald Trump’s relations, and he replied, “As far as I know, no. In the end, companies have the right to decide who they want to be.” Do a deal with him. ”

Before that, the American “Wall Street Journal” newspaper said that the “TikTok” deal with the American “Oracle” company is subject to a government review related to the American national security.

According to the newspaper, the US Treasury Department will review the “Oracle” agreement with “TikTok”, which avoided banning the Chinese application for sharing video in the United States.

According to the deal, “Tik Tok” will transfer the data of American application users to “Oracle”. According to “TikTok”, this will address the security concerns of Washington, thus allowing the application to work in the United States.

US President Donald Trump had given TikTok a deadline until September 15 to sell its application to an American company, or the application would be permanently closed in the United States.

Source: The Wall Street Journal + “Reuters”


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