Kivanc Tatlitug is threatened with imprisonment on this charge


The Turkish star, Kivanc Tatlitug, faces a penalty that could reach 10 years in prison, after he was absent from a session that was held in a court in Istanbul, in the presence of his legal advisor, after being charged with tax evasion.

According to the Turkish newspaper Akşam, Tatlitug’s agent said at the court session that his client had nothing to do with the matter, and accused Tatlitug’s financial advisor of failing to pay his taxes.

He added, “His financial advisor is responsible for this matter, and he will present bank statements proving that he paid taxes.”

He added that his client is not the first victim of the financial advisor, indicating that the Turkish model, Chala Shekel, had previously faced the same problem, after she was accused of tax evasion.

After the end of the hearing, the judge decided to postpone the case to discuss whether there was a law related to such a case, and the judge agreed to Tatlitug’s lawyer request that his client be absent from the next court, due to filming his new movie in America.

It is reported that this case has been in the courts for years, and because of which Tatlitug was accused of tax evasion, he filed forged papers for his accounts in 2012 and 2013, and filed a lawsuit against the accountant who handles tax matters.


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