Khaled Sami is undergoing a liver transplant, and his wife reveals his health condition (photos) – Erm News


The Saudi artist succumbed Khaled Sami An operation, on Friday evening, that lasted until the early morning hours of today, Saturday, when he performed a liver transplant, after he had been suffering from cirrhosis for more than a year and a half.

The surgery took place at the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh, while his Saudi wife, Aida Al-Otaibi, confirmed that the surgery was a success, as he is scheduled to go through a rehabilitation period in the hospital, followed by a recovery period to complete his recovery.

Aida Al-Otaibi tweeted through her Twitter account, saying: “Praise be to God, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Most Glorified be His servants.

In another tweet, Khaled Sami’s wife expressed her happiness at the pain that her husband was suffering over the past months, especially since that surgery was long delayed due to the Corona pandemic and hospitals in the Kingdom stopped conducting any surgery during the period of severity of the virus. .

Aida Al-Otaibi published a photo of her husband, Khaled Sami, through which she thanked the doctor who performed the operation for him in particular and the Saudi doctors in general.

Al-Otaibi wrote: “After the grace of God Almighty, I thank Dr. Wael Al-Ohali … the first man behind the success of the operation .. Our Saudi doctors are proud of how much we are aware of, knowledge, creativity, humility, skill and mastery of my Lord bless us in you .. Thank you to everyone who supported me with the prayer and the question # Khaled_Sami.”

The Saudi artist and composer Fahd Al-Abdullah published a picture of Khaled Sami, when he entered the operating room to perform the surgery, through a tweet to him on his account on the “Twitter” site, and asked his fans and fans to pray for him.

Fahd Al-Abdullah wrote, saying: “Now the artist Khaled Sami is in the operating room for liver transplantation at the Guard Hospital in Riyadh .. Your prayers, beloved, may God not forbid us from you.”

The Saudi composer wrote a comment on the same tweet that included the photo that witnessed the moment Khaled Sami entered the operating room, and said: “The image of the dear beloved Khaled Sami before entering the operation.”

Khaled Sami appeared in a high spirits, as he was pointing his finger with an exclamation point while lying on the recovery bed the moment he was preparing for the operation, and he was wearing the patient’s clothes for operations and a muzzle.


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