Kamal Al-Zoghbani … “The Happiness Machine” is no longer answering


At the age of 55, the Tunisian writer, novelist, thinker and left-wing fighter Kamal Zoghbani (1965-2020) passed away yesterday, Monday, after suffering a sudden heart attack. The sad and unexpected news sent shockwaves through the ranks of fans and followers of Al-Zoghbani, who had previously been crowned “Al-Bashir Khareef Award for Literary Creativity” in the novel about “The Happiness Machine” (Dar Al-Tanweer) at the opening of the Tunis International Book Fair in 2017. He made his late gift to all the oppressed and oppressed. In Tunisia, it took about ten years to complete. It is a kind of melodrama that sheds light on the Tunisian reality in its philosophical dimension. It is the globalization in which the human being has become a figure in the utopian city of the dictator, as described by some critics.Zoghbani was also a professor of philosophy at the Tunisian University, and he wrote many books, among them “Behemocracy and Revolution” and “Waiting for Life” which won the Golden Komar Prize (a Tunisian literary prize), in addition to his collection of stories “The Other…” and a list Long philosophical essays. Al-Zoghbani believed that “the creative act is a revolution and resistance in itself,” and he used to shirk the positions, saying, “I can never be a minister of culture because I can never tolerate positions nor like chairs.”


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