Juventus News: Suarez’s position after Messi announced that he will stay in Barcelona


Luis Suarez

Sport 360 – With the announcement of the star Lionel Messi Stay with his team Barcelona Next season, in light of the refusal of club president Josep Maria Bartomeu to leave the team without paying the penalty clause of 700 million euros, will the consequence be affected by the transfer of Luis Suarez to Juventus؟

Reports had indicated that the Argentine star Messi was linked to his stay with Barcelona with the stay of his Uruguayan friend Luis Suarez, and the possibility of the continuation of the “Pistolero” in the ranks of the Catalan club next season as well, but the Italian newspaper “Calcio Mercato” confirmed that the continuation of Messi does not necessarily mean the survival of Suarez.

Spanish journalist: Suarez’s future is not tied to Messi’s future in Barcelona

The Italian newspaper quoted the famous Spanish journalist Guillem Palago as saying: “It is not true that Messi’s future is linked to the future of Suarez. The Uruguayan player has a complete agreement with Juventus and this does not affect Leo’s decision.”

The journalist cooperating with the BBC and the Catalan newspaper “Sport” added that the compensation he will receive from Barcelona will be reduced, as instead of getting the value of two years of his contract (between them an optional year), Suarez will be happy to obtain the value of only one year.

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