Josephine Depp bids farewell to the OTV … “without any dispute”


OTV journalist Josephine Deeb announced her departure from the channel and her return to the “Al Jadid” channel from which she started.

She wrote on her Twitter account: “This week I bid farewell to OTV and return to the“ Al Jadid ”channel in which I started my career. 11 years OTV was my home and my family, and today I deposited it without any dispute.

And she continued, “All the love for her management and all the colleagues who accompanied me in the most difficult stages of my life ever. The family does not change with time and our collective memory is stronger than all the incitement campaigns.”

It is noteworthy that Rowad Daher announced last week that he was leaving the OTV also after 13 years of working there.

Did the divorce take place between the “movement” and “Hezbollah”?


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