Jordanian Minister of Health: We are at a crossroads



Muhammad Hamed

Jordanian Minister of Health Saad Jaber

The Jordanian Minister of Health, Saad Jaber, confirmed that the number recorded today for Coronavirus infections is very large, and that epidemiological investigation teams have been directed to follow up on contacts.

Jaber stated in a televised interview that “the increase in infections means that the rate of contact has not decreased, while the infection rate remains constant and is in the range of 1 to 2%, meaning that every citizen transmits infection to two or three people.”

He pointed out that “despite the existence of networks of electronic tracking of Corona injuries, but the full economic openness was one of the results of this large increase in injuries, like other countries.”

He added that “health protocols are reviewed by the Epidemiology Committee and experts in the Ministry of Health and Services, and that the recommendations are approved collectively, as we will look at home isolation because our ability to institutionalize has decreased.”

He said, “Our health system is able to cope, but we hope that the injuries do not exceed our capabilities, and our needs for the available protective clothing, and the government has not failed to do so.”

Today, Saturday, Jordan recorded the highest number of injuries and deaths since the virus began spreading in the country last March, announcing 850 infections and 4 deaths.

Source: “Jordanian agencies”


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