Jordan records the largest daily death toll from Corona since the start of the outbreak




Precautionary measures against Corona in Jordan

Jordan recorded 634 new infections with the new Corona virus today, Tuesday, which is considered the highest daily number of infections in the Kingdom since the beginning of the outbreak in March.

Health Minister Saad Jaber called on citizens to “abide by and keep away from gatherings, events and celebrations that violate instructions, and to adhere to the application of physical spacing, wearing masks and using sterilizers”, in order to protect the people of the Kingdom.

Jordan recorded a total of 5,679 cases of Coronavirus and 33 deaths from Covid-19 disease.

And infections quadrupled last month as the Corona virus reappeared in a second wave, prompting the authorities to re-impose new restrictions on the country’s 10 million people.

The government closed schools last Thursday for a period of two weeks, shortly after two million students returned after a five-month hiatus following the emergence of dozens of cases among students and teachers.

Restaurants, cafes and bars were closed for two weeks. It imposed a prison sentence of up to one year for anyone hosting a wedding party or social or public gatherings attended by more than 20 people.

Source: “Reuters”


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