Jordan News Today is urgent – the most important updates for Apple applications


Ammon – Apple has asked developers of the new operating system “iOS 14”, due to be released soon, to answer queries related to data protection.

The user often wonders about what data applications can access on their mobile devices.

The American company confirmed that these instructions do not apply only to application components, which were programmed by the developer himself, but also to components that are approved by other parties, such as what is known as software development kits (SDKs).

Cut off the road to the pirates
In order for the hackers not to hide behind the encrypted texts, Apple announced two tables clearly organized, and they will be shown in the future with each application in the application store, and one of the tables includes information about the type of data that is collected, such as information related to health, fitness, financial matters, location and sensitive data. Others, such as disability, sexual orientation, contacts, user content (emails, photos, videos, etc.), browser history, search, or mobile device ID.

The other table provides information about how the data collected is handled, for example for the purpose of advertisements to third parties, advertisements by the developer, application analysis, or product customization.

Apple has postponed launching one of the important components of privacy and data protection for “iOS 14”, which is still in the experimental stage, to the year 2021, which is the user’s consent when applications want to access the advertising identifier of the mobile device in order to track the user across the web and learn his behavior. While using the application.

The trial version of “iOS 14”
And in the middle of last July, Apple announced that it would be possible to install the trial version of the new “iOS 14” on the iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet computer.

The American company explained that the user can register in the beta program with the Apple ID before downloading the “iOS” version and installing it on the mobile device.

The general beta tester aims to improve the operating system. Therefore, previous versions of “iOS” include the comment wizard application. This application is located on the main screen. The comment wizard application can be used to report a problem or when an unexpected error appears in the operating system, and there is an online catalog that includes Frequent inquiries and answers regarding the test program.

Back up data
The American company has warned of the possibility of errors leading to data loss, and therefore Apple explicitly advises you to install the beta version on a second device, in addition to that a data backup process must be performed before installing the experimental operating system, so that the user can restore the operating system “iOS 13” When trial version issues arise.

In addition to the newly redesigned application icons, the “iOS 14” operating system includes what are known as widgets, similar to the tools available in the Google Android system. These tools are separate sub-functions from the applications, which are constantly running in a section on the main screen, until If the app in question does not open at all.

Among these tools are the e-mail inbox, the current weather in the city, the most important stocks in the stock portfolio, or all scheduled appointments on one of the days.

Video in floating window
Among the other new functions in the Apple “iOS 14” demo system is to continue watching the video in a floating window while opening other applications (picture-in-picture video). Apple has also integrated the translation application into the operating system with the addition of some improvements to the Maps application.

In addition, the experimental “iOS 14” operating system warns of weak passwords or passwords, which are published after cyber-hacking attacks or data leakage, and in the future the user must agree to request access to applications to the device’s advertising identifier in order to track the user While browsing the web or using the application.

Moreover, there are improvements in privacy regarding inquiries about the site, and in the future the user will be able not to give the application accurate data about the location, but only disclose an approximate location.

Apple conference
And Apple officially announced its organization of an online conference on September 15, and the company is expected to unveil new products during this event.

Apple is also expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 6, an update to the iPad Air, in addition to other products.

Apple did not provide any additional details about the event, which is expected in the middle of this month, but it will broadcast it online, as it usually does.


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