Jihan Qamar announces the death of her father and mourns influential words


The actress Jihan Qamar announced the death of her father, Abdullah Jamil Qamar, through her account on the “Facebook” site, and published an influential obituary for him, “Oh my love, my beloved, you left me and went … Oh affectionate, good, Karim. And he will cry with his hug, and he guarantees that he will bend him … your place is paradise. “

Jihan Qamari

On the other hand, actress Jihan Qamar participates in the third part of the series “The Great House”, through which she embodies the role of Aunt Fawzia. After their separation and disagreement, and all family members shared their desire to return to the great home that unites them with true love, loyalty and family bonding. Despite the many problems and conflicts, everyone’s desire remains clear for the success of the reunion.

As for the scenes of the work, which revolves entirely in the Saidi dialect, Jihan says: The work is interesting for me, even if I have slightly forgotten the Saidi dialect. It was the last time that I performed a Upper Upper Egypt dialect in the series “Al Qasirat”. But fortunately, beside us is the language corrector, Abd al-Nabi al-Hawari, who reviews with me the viewer and studies with him the pronunciation, to ensure that my role is presented in the best way, and the series is expected to be shown at the end of this month.

Jehan Qamari participates in “The Big House 3” with a large number of art stars, namely Sawsan Badr, Lucy, Magdy Kamel, and Hajjaj Abdel Azim. Dalia Mustafa and Abeer Sabry. And Tariq Sabry, Reem Hilal, Dunya Al-Masry, Ahmed Siyam, Sherif Baher, Tayseer Abdel Aziz, Iman Ayoub, and Khaled Hajjaj. And Ahmed Al-Naqali, and Al-Wasal. Menna Al-Masry, the work is written by Ahmed Sobhi, and directed by Muhammad Al-Naqli.


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