“Jeddah Education” celebrates the National Day with “Pages that will not fold” – Saudi Arabia News


The Director General of Education in Jeddah, Dr. Saad Al-Masoudi, launched today (Sunday) a mural “Pages that will not fold and days that will not be forgotten” within the activities of Jeddah Education to celebrate the National Day, which was prepared by the Office of Education in the Breeze, at the office’s headquarters in Al-Thaghr district, in the presence of the assistants of the General Director of Educational Affairs and Support Services, And the Director of the Education Office in Al-Naseem is Dr. Saud Al-Salami, and the employees of the office.Al-Masoudi listened to an explanation of the contents of the mural from the Art Education Supervisor at the Office of Al-Naseem Hassan Al-Hussein, which carried many works of art that translate what was distinguished by the Kingdom during the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the future vision led by the Crown Prince, and that these pages that the Crown Prince established are a map A road to the future of Saudi Arabia will remain immortal in the memory of history.

The Director of Education in Jeddah confirmed after the inauguration of the mural that the education sector in Jeddah, represented by the Education Office in Al-Naseem, is celebrating the glorious Father’s Day, indicating that the mural carries a slogan that reflects the Kingdom’s global position in sovereignty and leadership, and that the celebration of the National Day will be at the level of the public administration, education offices and schools affiliated with it. To reach the various spectrums of society, for the participation of the employees of education, joy and happiness on this precious occasion, which translates what we live in this dear country of security, stability and prosperity under the wise leadership

For his part, the Director of the Education Office in Al-Naseem, Dr. Saud Al-Salami, explained that the 13-meter-long mural was prepared and implemented by a number of art education teachers and the participation of the international artist Muhammad Asiri, registered in the Guinness World Records, and includes the most prominent achievements of the Kingdom during the last six years and the foundations of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s era for the Kingdom’s future vision, which will contribute to a quantum leap in the path of sovereignty and leadership for the Kingdom at the global level.


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