Japan and America are preparing to cooperate on a manned space flight on October 31


Tokyo – USA:

Posted on: Wednesday 30 September 2020 – 9:19 AM | Last update: Wednesday 30 September 2020 – 9:19 am

Japan and the United States of America are preparing to cooperate in a new manned space flight aboard a spacecraft developed by the American private missile industry “SpaceX”, which is scheduled to be launched on October 31.

Today, Wednesday, the Japanese Kyodo News Agency quoted Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi as saying – “We are ready to launch,” referring to a joint press conference with the crew before their mission to space aboard the SpaceX Crow Dragon capsule. Team members’ diversity with their diverse experiences and backgrounds as their strengths.

The upcoming mission is set to be the first in a series of regular flights to the International Space Station with a new crew transport system from SpaceX after it has been approved by the US Aerospace and Space Administration (NASA).

At the first launch of the crewed space capsule, “Crew Dragon” last May, “SpaceX” became the first private company to successfully launch a manned ship into outer orbit, where a NASA astronaut returned safely last August.

NASA Administrator Jim Brendenstein said the upcoming Crew-1 mission would be “another milestone” in the development of the United States’ ability to launch manned spacecraft at American missiles since the space shuttle program ended in 2011.

He pointed to the importance of an international astronaut, Noguchi, joining the mission and the importance of sending more astronauts to the International Space Station and increasing the capacity for scientific research in the orbiting laboratory.

Yesterday, NASA announced the launch date of the SpaceX Crow Dragon capsule in a new manned flight to the International Space Station.

The agency said – in a statement – “NASA and the American company SpaceX have planned to launch the” SpaceX Crew-1 “vehicle on a new manned flight to the International Space Station, provided that the launch process will take place on October 31 from Cape Canaveral in Florida. .


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