It ended .. Al Hilal’s “protest” position against the AFC has been resolved


No sound louder than this Days, except for the decision of the AFC to exclude the first football team Al Hilal football club, from the 2020 Champions League.

The AFC, on Wednesday evening, issued an official decision, considering Al-Hilal the “title holder”, withdrawing from the current edition of the Champions League 2020 competition, after it failed to present the required list, which includes 13 players, in order to play the match against its counterpart, Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai. Emirati, in the sixth round of the group stage.

And Al Hilal failed to provide the required list of players in the Al-Ahly Youth match in Dubai, after nearly 17 stars in the first football team were infected with the emerging “Corona” virus.

After this exclusion, Al Hilal announced the study of submitting a complaint to the International Football Association (FIFA) and the International Sports Court against the AFC, which was supported by more than one legal order, demanding speedy implementation, because a judgment may be issued to return the team to the continental competition. .

Among the things that the jurists demanded relying on in Al-Hilal’s complaint is the absence of an explicit text in FIFA that calls for any team to be considered excluded from a tournament, just because its list was not completed in a match.

* Resolution of the protest position of the Crescent.

However, sports laws and regulations expert Ahmed Al-Amir shocked Al-Hilal Club by announcing that the Sports Arbitration Court would not accept any protest submitted by it.

In a tweet on his Twitter page, the prince indicated that there is a special right known as the “freedom of autonomy for sports federations”, in Swiss law, as well as in the legislation of the Sports Court “Cass”.

The sports regulations expert explained that this legal right is the independence of continental and local sports federations from FIFA.

He added, “One of the manifestations of the sports federations’ private autonomy is their competence to issue rules related to their regulations, membership and special competitions. “

And Ahmed Al-Amir revealed that calendar Desperate No Subject to the decision issued by the AFC against Al Hilal; According to the regulations in force, for review by the sports court.

The Emir stressed that the only cases in which the cup can review the decisions of the sports federations are: Violating a general principle related to public policy; Such as..

1- The principle of good faith.

2- The principle of the contract is the Shari’a of the contractors.

3- The principle of prohibiting abuse of rights or discrimination.

In the end, the prince demanded that all legal experts review the sports regulations before speaking in the media, or be silent so that they do not come out with wrong information.


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