Israeli Minister: We are in a semi-war situation due to Corona



The headquarters of the Israel Defense Forces anti-Corona task force in Ramle, Israel

Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said that “Israel is in a state of near war over the safety of citizens,” noting that the exit from the closure due to the outbreak of the Corona virus will take place gradually.

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The death of one of the founders

The Israeli minister added that “it is easy to accuse the government of the current situation of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, but without the cooperation of the public, we will not be able to succeed in limiting the epidemic.”

In the meantime, the Assistant Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Professor Itamar Grotto, said, “Compliance with the entire closure instructions may lead to a significant decline in the epidemic, but it will not eliminate it completely.”
He added during a session of the Parliamentary Constitution, Law and Justice Committee today that “we must get out of the closure gradually and slowly, unlike what we did after the first closure period.”

Researchers at the Hebrew University warned of the risk of death of a thousand additional Corona patients, if a tight lockdown was not imposed, and they expected that within a few days the number of patients in serious condition would increase.
The researchers expressed their fear of the transmission of infection between relatives during the period of the Hebrew holidays, which begin tomorrow, as they stressed the need to prevent gatherings of all kinds.

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