Infantino meets Trump to talk about the 2026 World Cup


FIFA announced Thursday that Swiss Confederation President Gianni Infantino has met US President Donald Trump and US justice authorities.
“FIFA” clarified that Infantino was present at the White House on Tuesday during the signing ceremony of the normalization agreement between Bahrain and the UAE on the one hand, and Israel on the other hand.The next day, Infantino spoke with Trump about the 2026 World Cup, which the United States is hosting jointly with Mexico and Canada, and he also met with Attorney General William Barr.

The US justice authorities are leading investigations into corruption allegations against former football officials and former FIFA officials, as many officials have appeared before the judiciary and some have been sentenced to prison terms since some were arrested in Zurich on the sidelines of the General Assembly in 2015.

Infantino, who has been president of FIFA since 2016, said, “Since my election, we have shown our determination to eliminate the wrong practices that affected FIFA’s reputation in the past, and we have reiterated our willingness to cooperate with the authorities in the investigations and prosecutions of corrupt people who have no place in football.”

“Similar meetings have taken place in Switzerland, and our lawyers are in regular contact with the prosecution service and law enforcement agencies whenever necessary,” Infantino said. “He is fully convinced that FIFA is recovering its credibility and reputation at the highest level.”

Infantino himself is subject to criminal investigations in Switzerland after secret hearings with former Attorney General Michael Lauber, and his possible indictments include misuse of public office, breaching official secrets, aiding offenders, and inciting these acts.


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