In the video, the artist Fakhrya Khamis’s first appearance after suffering from cancer and Corona … reveals the developments of her health


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Omani artist Fakhrya Khamis revealed the developments in her health after suffering from cancer and Corona, explaining that the start of the chemical sessions was postponed due to her chest infection, noting that the doctors feared that this would affect her immunity.

“May God reward you with goodness,” Fakhrya said in a video clip of her on “Instagram”. Your blessings are healing, happiness and success .. May God reward you with the best of my dear dear friends and the good people who united pray for my recovery. ”

She added: “I’m two days ago, but in the hospital, and it was supposed to start with chemotherapy, but because my chest was inflamed, I feared immunity .. If God willing, all of it is a week, God willing, and I start with chemotherapy .. Your prayers after my head I love you. Your condition and your health, I love you, God.

She concluded her speech, saying: “Currently in the Royal Hospital, the isolation department,” Covid 19 .. Thank you to everyone who communicated with me in the balance of your good deeds .. I cannot answer what I hold on the phone at a difficult length and God exhausts me to respond to WhatsApp .. Thank you for communicating with the family, they are first By delivering the correct information without failing to do the rest ”.

The Omani artist, Fakhria Khamis, shocked her audience after announcing her infection with the Corona virus, in conjunction with her diagnosis of cancer.


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