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The fame of the artist Amr Diab made his children the focus of everyone’s attention, as they became followers on social networking sites, following their news and the latest pictures they share, especially his daughter Jana, who revealed her talent in singing and published videos of her while she sang, and her father, the artist Amr Diab, participated in the song “Beautiful She sang an English verse.

Recently, Jana shared her latest pictures with her sister Kenzi, during their outing in London, where they live. On the other hand, the artist Amr Diab performed his first concert after the Corona crisis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The song “Places of Night” is considered the last of the songs that Amr Diab recently released. Amr Diab is an Egyptian singer, composer, and actor, born in 1961, whose nickname is The Plateau.

O our life, we will return, come back to me.
Night and many others and dealt with many international musicians, including:
1. Andy Greenwood – United Kingdom
2. Stuart Crichton – Founder of Progressive Music House
3.Frank von Diem Böttlinberg – Germany
4. George Evers – Germany
5. Whit Pitchl – United Kingdom
6. Simon Gardner – United Kingdom
7. Kevan Gallagher – United Kingdom.

The latitude applied “east”: Press here


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