In the video … “Al-Murshoud” attacking veterans of victory: “Time is running out for you” and “Al-Harifi” responds to it


Talal Al-Ghamdi (Echo):

The sports journalist’s attack on Al-Morshoud on critics of Al-Nasr raised doubts about his suggestion of Captain Fahd Al-Harifi, the retired Nasraoui player, after the latter criticized the performance of the “global”.

“Al-Murshoud” appeared in the Diwaniyah program on Saudi sports channels attacking the criticism of some old Al-Nasr players of the team and began to deepen until he hinted at “Al-Harifi”, expressing his astonishment at their contradictory positions.

“There are tweets from stars about victory and others that detract from victory and his coach, Roy Vitoria, despite his efficiency,” Al-Morshoud said.

He continued: Time violates you a lot, and those who criticize victory are considered outside it, and their opinion is supposed to not change from day to day.

He added: I have not met Vitoria, but he has achieved many achievements, including the Saudi Super League, and he is the runner-up in the strong competition against Al-Hilal and qualified for the semi-finals of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup, and he presents record levels and numbers, yet he is blamed.

For his part, Al-Harifi responded to the hints of Al-Marshad, saying: It is not strange for programs to transmit what I say or what I write, and thank God that most of what I say always happens.

He continued through his account on “Twitter”: Technical matters are talent and experience that should only be discussed by those who know their nature. I bear witness to God that what I write is an attempt to correct the error before it occurs.

He added: You and others should know that it is not the first, nor the second, or the third that I gain.

It is strange that Al-Harifi returned and praised the journalist Abdulaziz Al-Ghayamah, who in another program supported the viewpoint of “Al-Murshoud”, and said, “He may excuse him because the presentation from the group and in this way is intended and personalized (targeted) …

Al-Nassr tied it to Al-Sadd on Monday, 1-1 in the fifth round of the AFC Champions League group stage.


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