In pictures … an electric flying car in China


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The company, which is backed and funded by the e-commerce giant “Ali Baba”, has revealed the vehicle, which is equipped with eight fans and a capsule-like frame, which is more like a dron carrying a human or a flying chair than a car, according to CNBC.“.

In a statement, Shipping said that the unit that developed the new vehicle is part of the company’s long-term research and development, and that the core business and development strategy has not changed. The company expects to benefit from the unit in areas such as resolution and mapping technologies.

The flying vehicle can accommodate two passengers and is designed for low heights from 5 meters to 25 meters. According to the company, the model it revealed is still understandable and not final, and it said it will assess market prospects before embarking on any major investment related to this vehicle..

“This is a far-reaching exploration of R&D for us to really think about navigating through a broader perspective,” said Brian Jo, Vice Chairman and Managing Director.


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