In pictures, a unique experiment to treat “Corona” … Exposing the patient 10 minutes to sea air


It improves condition and raises morale

In a strange experiment of its kind to confront the “emerging corona” virus, a medical team at the Hospital “Del Mar” in Spain began to conduct experiments to test whether the cruises of Corona patients and their enjoyment of the sunshine on the sea shore may help treat them, improve their immunity and their ability to confront Coronavirus.

In one of these experiments, a doctor accompanied by 3 nurses placed a patient named Francisco Espana after spending about two months in the hospital’s intensive care unit, on a private bed with medical respirators in front of the sea.

The patient closed his eyes for a short time and absorbed as much sunlight as possible, confirming that it was one of the best days that he remembers in many months.

Commenting on that attempt, Dr. Judith Marin of the medical team explained, that this is part of the program of “humanizing” the intensive care units that the team had been testing for two years before the emerging virus struck Spain.

Marin said the stringent isolation protocols that had to be adopted since mid-March have delayed months of efforts to integrate ICU patients with specialists from the rest of the hospital.

And she pointed out that «with the spread of infection in April and the increase of infected people, we have retreated from all this wonderful work that we were doing in the field of curative care».

She added, “We were suddenly returning to the old habits of keeping relatives away from their loved ones .. It was really difficult to transmit bad news via a phone call.” This ultimately reflects on his health positively.

However, the Spanish team wants to document this anecdotal evidence further, to see whether such foreign trips can help in the medium and long term recovery for Corona patients.

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