In an important development … a nasal spray that prevents the Coronavirus from multiplying by 96% – one scientist – out of bounds


Australian biotechnology company Ena Respiratory announced Monday that a nasal spray, which was originally developed to boost the immune system against colds and flu, may also be effective in combating Covid-19 disease.

A study found that the INNA-051 spray reduces the growth of the emerging corona virus, which causes Covid-19 disease, in animals by 96%.

According to the study by the Public Health Agency of England, the INNA-051 spray has proven effective in “drastically reducing the levels of growth of the Covid-19 virus in the nose and throat”, and reducing viral reproduction by 96% in rodents.

In a statement, the Australian company stated that the inhaler works by stimulating the immune system before contracting the disease, expecting the start of human trials within weeks.

And company officials expected the drug to produce a similar response in humans, including the silent carriers of the disease. Specialists said that they are amazed at the effectiveness of the treatment, especially as it eliminates the virus in the early stages in the nose and throat.

According to the statement, the human trials are scheduled to take less than four months, but the company is now awaiting regulatory approval.

The statement indicated that if the nasal spray proved effective, it would complement the final vaccine, indicating that “it will be taken once or twice a week.”

The Ena Respiratory Company indicated that the puffer was under development before the emergence of the Corona virus, with the aim of enhancing immunity against influenza, and with the outbreak of the pandemic, officials redirected their efforts to make the puffer effective in combating Covid-19, according to Al-Hurra Channel.

“INNA-051 uses the unspecified innate immune response, which means it is effective against a wide range of viruses,” Chris Smith, director of the Ena Respiratory Board, was quoted as saying.

Australian research organizations, the Hunter Institute for Medical Research and the University of Melbourne are participating in the study.

It is noteworthy that a Reuters tally, published Monday, showed that more than 32.88 million people were infected with the emerging corona virus worldwide, while the total number of deaths due to infection reached one million.

HIV infections have been recorded in more than 210 countries and regions since the first cases were discovered in China in December 2019.

The United States topped the list, registering 7 million 106,600 cases, while the total number of deaths reached 204,538.

India ranked second in terms of the number of injured, which exceeded 6 million, and the total number of deaths reached 95,542.

Brazil ranked third in terms of the number of infected people, registering 4 million and 686080 injuries, while the number of deaths reached 140,677, the second largest number of virus deaths in the world after the United States.

Russia ranked fourth in terms of the number of injured, as it recorded one million and 159,573 cases, and the total number of deaths reached 20,385.



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