Ilham Shaheen sends a letter to her brother after his engagement


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Posted by the artist Ilham Shaheen Pictures from Engagement party Her brother, the artist Amir Shaheen, on her personal account on the exchange website PicturesInstagram, and the similarity between her and the bride drew attention.

And the Egyptian artist wrote in her comment on the pictures: “Congratulations, Prince, oh my beloved, our Lord makes you happy … and your heart rejoices and your children cheer me up, O most precious people.”

Amir Shaheen engagement ceremony

The artist, Hana Shiha, was the one who published Pictures The first of an engagement party Amir ShaheenBrother of the Egyptian actress Elham Shaheen, years after his decision not to marriage Following the death of his sweetheart, Shiha wrote here in her comment on the pictures that she posted on her personal account on the Instagram site: “Today we were all waiting for you, Amir.”

Amir Shaheen

Amir Shaheen is Brother of artist Ilham ShaheenHe appeared with her in a group of television shows, but his appearance has become rare in recent years.

A number of observers noticed a similarity in the features of the Egyptian bride and star, which sparked speculation that they are related.

Relationship between Amir Shaheen and Mirna the engineer

It was a strong love affair that connected the artist Amir Shaheen With asterisks The late Myrna Eng, Who died at an early age after suffering with a rare disease, and the death of the young artist caused a great psychological crisis for the brother of the artist, Ilham Shaheen, who decided at the time that he would not take the step of marriage.

In one of his meetings, Shaheen said: “I knew her while she was sick, and my life did not think I would let her down because of her illness. One might love a healthy person, and after that he gets tired, so there is no meaning of that to let him or sell him, I was very understanding of her illness and I used to say that you are always strong.”

Amir added, “I tried to relate again and failed, despite my attempts to inspire my sister, Mirna was my first and last love, and inspiring every little thing that weighs on me every day and cows to marry me.”

Years later, fate succeeded in changing the opinion of the young artist to announce his connection, amid the joy of his fans and colleagues in the artistic community, who expressed their happiness with this step.


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